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Stonebridge Pond & Waterfall Co  

Monthly Newsletter

#6  July 2024

Award-Winning Water Features

In This Issue:

  • Pro Tips: Summer Heat & Ponds

  • Liberty Hill Landscape Renovation

  • Blanco Plunge Pool

  • Updated Photo Gallery

  • Family Crystal Mining

  • Check out our blog

Pro Tips: Summer Heat & Pond Health

Have you noticed it’s a little, ahem, hot outside these days?

Pond health and maintenance is especially important during these sweltering summer months. Here are a few Pro Tips to keep the algae down and the water quality high:

  1. Aeration is essential year-round, particularly during hot weather. Warm water holds less oxygen, which is vital for the bacterial microbes that keep your pond clean. Always have an aerator ready in case your pump fails.

  2. Remember to trim and fertilize your lilies unless you have a maintenance contract with Stonebridge to handle it for you. Lilies provide cover for your fish and block sunlight, helping to prevent unsightly algae growth.

Need help with monthly or quarterly maintenance for your pond or water feature? Give us a call to get started today! 512-890-1862

Liberty Hill Landscaping Project

Did you know that Stonebridge Pond & Waterfall Co not only makes incredible water features and natural plunge pools, but we also handle large landscaping projects and stunning natural fences as well when we’ve been chosen to create a water feature?

We especially love to work on the blank slates of newly built homes, and while we don’t do just landscaping, we’re willing to do landscaping overhauls during your water feature build out!

We’re currently working on a complete front and side landscaping project with a water feature in Liberty Hill, Texas. We can’t wait to show you the finished product!

Would you like to get a quote on your very own water feature?

Click HERE to contact us.

Blanco, Texas Plunge Pool

If you read our newsletter monthly (we’re sure you do!) you may remember that last month’s issue teased a new plunge pool that we lovingly modeled after Jacob’s Well.

This Natural Plunge Pool boasts a 7’x 6′ deep water section, a custom upflow wetland filter, 4000 gallon below-grade storage basin and a gorgeous lighting package. She holds a whopping 8k gallons of water and is a delight to jump into, ask Eric!

Not only are we thrilled with this build, we’re also excited that Pond Trade Magazine, the leading publication in the pond-world, will feature this build in an upcoming issue! If you haven’t checked them out, click here.

Are you looking for a water feature you can jump into year round, especially in the heat of a Texas summer? Check out our website and contact us today.

Gallery Update!

In June, we had the opportunity to have our professional photographer come out and capture some of our client’s water features in their full glory.

Check out the updated website gallery HERE!

Crystal Mining with The Family

Recently, Ana and the boys went Crystal mining at Ron Coleman Crystal Mining in beautiful Jessieville, Arkansas. It was so refreshing to be outside of our normal routine, immersed in nature.

Check out the blog:

We’ve got several new blog posts with topics ranging from What is A Natural Swim Pond to Marginal Planting Tips. Click the button above to see the latest!