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Your business would mean the world to us! We are family run, and proudly pay our employees a living wage. It is an honor to have the opportunity to create beauty for a living.

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Stonebridge Pond & Waterfall Co  

Monthly Newsletter

#5  June 2024

Award-Winning Water Features

In This Issue:

  • Pond Tour Success

  • Join the Pond Society today

  • A visit to Zilker Botanical Gardens

  • Pond Professionals Alliance

  • Current Plunge Pool Project

  • Check out our blog

29th Annual Pond Tour: A huge success!

We owe a huge THANK YOU to the home owners that not only trusted us to create their outdoor oasis, but also opened their homes up to the Austin Pond Society’s 29th Annual Pond Tour. Our clients ROCK (pun intended)!

Eric & Ana were able to share their work with familiar faces and brand new friends alike, do a little consulting to wannabe pond-owners, and talk shop for two full days. Events like this are a pond-builder’s dream-come-true.

Thank you to all those who took the time out of their busy schedule and participate! If you didn’t get the opportunity this year, don’t worry, we’ll be there next year, with some more incredible projects to share! Save the date for next year, the first weekend in June.

Join The Austin Pond Society

What can you get with $30 these days?

  • A gallon of milk, a loaf of bread and some eggs?

  • A tank of gas in a small (and we mean small) car?

  • An apple AirTag to stop losing your keys to said small car?

How about a yearly membership to the Austin Pond Society?

With your yearly Austin Pond Society membership, join us and other pond professionals and pond enthusiasts for our monthly meetings, dinner included. The next meeting is June 17th at 6:30pm. Bring a dessert or appetizer to share, and see a slideshow of the recent pond tour. Plus Eric and Ana will be there (at nearly every monthly meeting) to talk all things pond and answer any burning questions you may have!

HERE is how to join.

A Visit to Zilker Botanical Gardens

The Stonebridge Family recently visited Zilker Botanical Gardens to speak with friends and other local pond professionals to brainstorm solutions to upgrade their ponds.

Pond Professionals Alliance (PPA) Update:

May was a huge month for the PPA! Here’s what else happened in May:

  • We continue to garner support for our mission from industry-leading manufacturers both financially and in the spirit of our mission

  • Partnered with Semco Stone (the largest supplier of stone in the US) to offer a business and life-coaching event for members

  • Officially established the PPA as a non-profit organization to further the unification of the Pond industry

As the PPA grows, we will be an organization that offers training, information and support to pond-owners and DIY pond builders.

We’d love to hear from our friends, clients, future clients and readers:

How can the Pond Professionals Alliance be beneficial to you? What questions, issues and information do you need as a pond owner, DIY builder, or pond enthusiast?

Click the button below to drop us a line with your feedback/answers to these questions, and THANK YOU for your input and continued support.

Current Plunge Pool Build:

Boy-oh-boy we can NOT wait to show off our current natural plunge pool build! Our incredible clients allowed Eric’s imagination and creativity to really sparkle with this design, recreating the beloved Jacob’s Well in Wimberly, Texas (photo of the real Jacob’s Well above). This Natural Plunge Pool will have a 7'x 5' deep water section, custom upflow wetland filter, 4000 gallon below-grade storage basin and a gorgeous lighting package.

Check out our Facebook page to see the latest videos of the build process, staring Eric, the pond-builder-extraordinaire himself.

Want to get in on the action of having your very own Natural Swim Pond or Plunge Pool designed and installed?

Visit our website to view our gallery and Contact Us to get started.

Check out the blog:

We’ve got several new blog posts with topics ranging from What is A Natural Swim Pond to Marginal Planting Tips. Click the button above to see the latest!